Signatures & Seals

Before 2011, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba members had to authenticate their professional documents using the traditional signature and manual seal.

The Association still issues manual seals to all members once they register, however members may now digitally authenticate electronic documents. Use of the digital signature allows members to create, sign and issue that file as an original.

Notarius - Trusted Partner

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba works with Notarius to manage digital signatures. The Association verifies new applications, and has the authority to revoke digital signatures, whereas Notarius processes applications, renewals, and maintains the verification system.

Advantages of Digital Signatures

  • Document versions are preserved after each signing
  • Documents can be encrypted to restrict access to their contents
  • There may be no need to print and store physical versions of electronic documents


Acquiring Digital Signatures

Visit the Notarius website to apply for a signature. Notarius is currently the only provider of digital signatures approved by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.


Raphael Nwabuzor, Manager of Professional Standards
204.474.2736 ext. 225

For technical questions, contact:
Notarius Support

To obtain an electronic image of your professional seal, contact:
Cella Rousseau, Communications Coordinator