Learning Modules

These e-learning modules provide practitioners with guidance on the standards of practice that is expected of Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists in Manitoba. To get started with e-learning, access the modules via the Quick Links menu once logged in.

Introduction to Professionalism

The introductory module takes a look at professionalism at the highest level. Users will gain a better understanding of the initial registration requirements, and continuous professional practice responsibilities. These concepts will help practitioners to answer the fundamental question, "How do I avoid being found guilty of professional misconduct?".

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics module assists members in understanding this foundational piece of our legislation. When the Code of Ethics was updated in 2018, it was simplified from its previous form. However, it still maintains most of the underlying principles. Now, the content is further reviewed and supported with real-world cases so that an engineer or geoscientist may have a better grasp of the complex professional scenarios to avoid stepping over the line.

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